Over 30 years of personal computer support

A small selection of computers I have owned, sold, programmed, fixed, installed, configured, networked and supported over the last 30+ years.

Hello, my name is Andrew Harding and I've been selling, installing, fixing, maintaining and programming computers since the early 1980's.

Since 1990, I have run Clover Consultancy to provide these services to businesses of all sizes.

A little over ten years ago, I became interested in the incredible possibilities offered to small businesses by Open Source software when I was researching Server and remote working solutions for a client on a meagre budget. For them I was able to achieve everything they needed, vastly improving the security, stability and control of their network without spending a penny on software licenses.

Since then, I have implemented many Open Source Servers for a variety of clients including some who, because of their size of business would never have considered a Server useful, or cost effective, but have found it to be both.

Driven by those successful installations, using a wide range of Open Source software, I now specialize in delivering enterprise-grade computer solutions to smaller businesses (as well as larger businesses) which might otherwise be locked out by the costs involved with better-known proprietary solutions.

I would love to talk to you in person and learn more about you and your business, so please feel free to phone on the above number to arrange a meeting. All it will cost is a cup of coffee and a friendly chat.

Kind Regards

Andrew Harding


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