The most important part of your computer system is your data

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With every major IT and software company pushing their Cloud based products, you could be forgiven for thinking you have no choice but to put your valuable data entirely in their hands.


your data

Documents, Photos, Email, Contacts, Calendars.

Data Store


your data

from anywhere on any device. Locally or remotely.

Data Access


your data

Collaborate with colleagues anywhere

Data Share


your data

From hard drive failure, from viruses, from accidental deletes

Data Protect

Take control of your data
and gain the advantages of Cloud without the Cloud

Traditional office networks have a server at their heart;

  • controlling user log-ons at their workstations

  • storing the company data

  • allowing controlled access of data to individuals and groups

  • providing email services.

Microsoft Small Business server was the mainstay of this ecosystem in many small offices across the world. But now Microsoft thinks it's time for a change. They have seen the potential for Cloud based services to replace the functionality of the small office server and, more importantly for them, the potential to create a recurring revenue stream.

But Cloud isn't for everyone. If you suffer from slow or unreliable Internet connections or you simply don't like the idea of storing your data on someone else's server, what do you do?.

There is and always has been an alternative to the Microsoft Small Business server.

A Linux server can put you back in control.

Firstly, it can replicate all of the primary functions of a Microsoft server listed above, but without the licence fees.

Secondly, adding in Cloud computing so that it's hosted in-house is easy. Remember that where Microsoft have dominated the office, Linux is the dominant operating system of the Internet, so when you have your own Linux server, you are running the same operating system, web server, email server and database server software that most ISPs use to deliver web and email services to you.

Adding Cloud services on top of that and making them available inside and outside your office is a natural progression.

As a starting point, we add two pieces of software to our Linux servers that will allow you to drop Dropbox and get away from Gmail:

  • NextCloud will allow you to access, sync and share your data from your own server, on any device, wherever you are.

  • Zarafa will replicate the functions of Microsoft Exchange server, allowing you to keep your email, contacts and calendars synced across your devices in and out of the office, as well as allowing you to share email addresses, contacts and calendars with other users on your system.

The best bit is that these, like the Linux Operating system, are Open Source projects built by developers who have the user's best interests at heart and who understand the importance that many people attach to the ownership and control of their data.

If you want to stay in control as we move forward into an increasingly cloudy future, please call Clover Consultancy on 01823 336220.

Every business is different, so we tailor solutions around you to fit your needs and budget.


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